Latest Technology Trend in 2019

Technology develops rapidly from year to year, technology is an interesting thing to do predictions.

This development will change annually. For example, developing 5G mobile signals that drive Internet growth.

This can be a nightmare for privacy and security. But no need to worry there are still blockchains on the home server, all personal information can be stored and managed securely.

Top 6 Latest Technology in 2019

As quoted from Maketecheasier, here are 6 of the latest technologies at 2019 later.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the future maybe AI is not fully functional until the end of the year, but our AI will now get better.

Thus, automobile technology that can move by itself or can be controlled remotely and the job stealer robot will soon take over.

Thus, its use can identify business processes, improve Cyber security to be safer, perform better data analysis and more efficiently, automate human work.

You no longer need to be a researcher to use AI, and maybe  "AI Skill " will soon be another way to decorate your CV.

Disadvantages: There will be a lot of disruption in the labor market associated with unemployment.

2. The 5G Network

The 5G network has long been developed but in 2019 it's practice to be true.

Various factories have committed to releasing a device that supports 5G networking by the end of the year. Nevertheless, 5G may be widely available for many more years.

In a short time, there will be several cities that will enjoy the service to use this very fast mobile technology. This gives the user time to upgrade their phone to be able to connect to the 5G network immediately.

Disadvantages: As with any new technology, there must be some security issues.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

Once the 5G network has started to take effect, it will absorb more of the available bandwidth for "Internet of Things" (IoT) that is developing.

Mobile phones are just one part of a wide network of devices. However, with the AI, the wireless network will continue to increase and expand.

Auto steering vehicles may still not be mainstream for a while, but we can already have a car that can transmit information through sensors (tire pressure, oil level, etc.) directly through our mobile phone .

Disadvantages: Large potential security vulnerabilities, privacy concerns, limited user understanding, and more.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain is a fantastic technology to avoid corruption. One of them is the Cryptocurrency that survives in some form, but the biggest blockchain technology we see as Bitcoin, from year to year is the business of large-scale companies.

Blockchain is a very flexible technology that can be used anywhere. Most transaction data such as finance, media Rights Management, Internet of Things, identity verification, and much more.

Disadvantages: Not an easy-to-understand, non-standard, and less efficient technology.

5. Virtual/Augmented Reality

VR and AR will be fantastic as time goes by. Gaming is a major major marketplace for this technology, but VR and AR not only for gaming but gaining traction in the areas of education, training, and marketing.

Learn real history, practice operations, or destroy zombies in the game? You can play VR and AR to see it deeper and more detail.

In line with the increase in technology in the year 2019 or later years, the price of the device will begin to drop and applications like the game will be more innovative. This makes it very easy to imagine the future that is supported by VR and AR.

Disadvantages: It may still be quite expensive, a little stiff, and its reputation is more familiar to gaming.

6. Edge Computing

Welcome to the "Edge Computing," a popular keyword to replace the "cloud." "Edge" here refers to the remote controller e.g. mobile phones.

For example, when you ask the Google Assistant, your request must be first uploaded to the cloud, processed, and just returned to you. The process creates a lot of pause time, provides pressure on the server, consumes bandwidth, and requires many functions of the device to connect the Internet.

With a growing Internet of Things device as time goes by, it may be much more efficient and fast, and it's safer to store and process more data locally.

With cloud storage on the central server to store important data, such as documents securely.

Disadvantages: Personal security vulnerabilities

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